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Hyperion lettered

Dan Simmons

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Curious King



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Jaime Jones


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Hyperion lettered
Hyperion lettered

4.a Full blue leather goatskin blind stamped cover design, four colour foil stamping: Limitation 300

4.b Finest Harmatan black leather goatskin with marbled leather onlays and 3 colour foil stmaping: Limitation 26

4.c To be disclosed: limitation 8

Lettered edition

Fully bound in finest black Harmatan leather with rounded spine and four raised bands. The boards have two beautifully marbled leather onlays of The Shrike and The Sphinx by Freya at Paperwilds, with a foil stamp outline. The book is finished with a further 3 colours of foil stamping to both covers and the spine. Finished with gold gilding to all three sides as well as blue ribbon, and black and blue head and tailbands. This edition also comes with beautifully marbled endpapers by Freya from Paperwilds.

The enclosure is a rounded spine solander with four raised headbands fully covered in finest black Harmatan leather. There are two further marbled leather onlays of “Cruciforms” on both the front and the back, and the box is edged with another strip of the marbled leather to tie in the design completely.

Inside the box is lined with sumptuous black suedel with silhouetted gold stamped design of the pilgrims heading towards the time tombs. There is also a well included underneath the main book.

The Lettered Edition also comes with another book. John Keats’ epic poem “Hyperion” hand set in Caslon 12pt monotype (a popular font from the era) by Nomad Letterpress. This book is printed on some of the few remaining pieces of Zerkell 8181 115gsm and is 48 pages long.

The other editions: deluxe - Roman

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