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The Wolfen numbered with art portfolio

Whitley Strieber

Suntup Editions

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François Villancourt

Whitley Strieber

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The Wolfen numbered with art portfolio
The Wolfen numbered with art portfolio

Description from Suntup Website

The signed limited edition of The Wolfen by Whitley Strieber is presented in three states: Lettered, Numbered and Artist. The editions measure 6” x 9” and feature thirteen full color illustrations by François Vaillancourt, as well as a new exclusive introduction by Whitley Strieber. Lettered and Numbered editions are signed by the author and artist, and the Artist edition is signed by the artist. This is the first signed limited edition of the novel.

The Numbered edition of 350 copies is a quarter Japanese cloth binding with Hahnemühle Bugra boards. The cover and spine are foil stamped and the edition is printed offset on Mohawk Superfine. It is housed in a slipcase covered in a unique coated paper that imitates real stone. The edition is signed by Whitley Strieber and François Vaillancourt.

Back by popular demand Suntup release a new art portfolio! This time, the art from The Wolfen illustrated by François Vaillancourt. The portfolio is sized at 9” x 13.5” and includes fifteen prints. In addition to the interior illustrations, also included are the Artist edition endsheet and dust jacket illustrations. Includes a letterpress printed signature page and limited to 300 copies. Signed by François Vaillancourt.

A numbered edition with matching art portfolio increases market value slightly.

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