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The Road broadside

Cormac McCarthy

Suntup Editions

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The Road broadside
The Road broadside

Description and video from Suntup Website

This broadside featuring the closing paragraph of The Road by Cormac MCCarthy is printed letterpess by the Kelly-Winterton Press on a Chandler & Price Craftsman press.

The text is handset in Jessen metal foundry type and printed on Gutenberg Laid moldmade paper. Seven hundred & fifty copies were produced and sent to customers of Suntup Editions as a gift.

During 2020, Paul Suntup offered The Road Broadside to all customers who had previously pre-ordered any book from Suntup Editions. This was not limited to pre-orders of The Road so it is not a rare find. It does however command a premium when it is bundled with the Road Numbered edition. It's a plus to the Lettered edition but won't influence it's market value by much.

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