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Neuromancer custom bind

William Gibson


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Suntup Editions




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Billy Norrby


William Gibson

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Neuromancer custom bind
Neuromancer custom bind

Description from Suntup Website

The signed limited edition of Neuromancer by William Gibson is presented in two states and is limited to two hundred and seventy-six copies. The edition measures 6” x 9” and includes six illustrations by Billy Norrby. Included is the author’s introduction from the trade edition, and both editions are signed by William Gibson and Billy Norrby.


Hidden in the circuitry of the Lettered edition’s printed circuit board cover is an Easter egg. Click here to download a high resolution version so you may study it.

1st Prize

The first person to solve the puzzle wins a 1/1 custom rebound edition of Neuromancer. Using a book block of the Lettered edition, we will create a one-of-a-kind binding.

2nd Prize

The second person to solve the puzzle wins a Lettered edition of Neuromancer, designated as PC.

3rd Prize

The third person to solve the puzzle wins a Numbered edition of Neuromancer, designated as PC

Hidden in the board was the latin phrase " Per aspera ad astra".

Photographs and design details at the courtesy of contest winner TvG

Details about the design and binding of this special unique book from specialty bookbinder Peter Geraty:

"Thank you for your comments. I find the design of a book is often difficult. I prefer to create something that is more abstract, less overt, something that causes the reader to have to come back to the design after having read the book and “see” what the design was aiming to do. There are so many levels to the book I chose to stay with a simple one. In this case the joining of Neuromancer and Wintermute.   There is an aspect of binding called “design binding”. The name is misleading as all bindings require some design, but the overall idea is the cover of the book as a place for the binder to explore their art in a larger way than standard gold-tooled, leather binding allows. We can put much more creativity into saying something about the book, the story, the characters, the artwork that may be inside, etc. These bindings often takes weeks to months to conceive and can take as long to execute. In the case of Neuromancer this wasn’t an option. I had limits on this book so I decided to make all the tooled lines straight — curved lines require more time, but in the case of Neuromancer I felt straight lines were more appropriate anyway — and kept the overall design simple. Even though that made it easier to do I feel the design worked.  The gold lines are 23k leaf and the black lines are made with carbon from a candle flame. All of the leather is goatskin. I think of the black as Neuromancer and the gray as WIntermute, not that it couldn’t be seen in reverse."

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ARC - Numbered - Lettered 

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