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Misery limited edition art print

Stephen King


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Suntup Editions




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Catharine Casalino



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Misery limited edition art print
Misery limited edition art print

Description from Suntup Website

Book designer Catherine Casalino was hired to create several design concepts for the limited edition of Misery by Stephen King. One of the designs she created is the now iconic image of an extreme close-up of the MISERY keys, with a blood drop on the “Y”. This was used on the slipcase of the Artist Gift Edition, as well as the endpapers for that book.

After popular demand, Suntup Editions announced a beautiful limited edition giclée print, signed by Catherine.

The final limitation was based on pre-order demand, but did not exceed 100 prints.

Please note: This is not a print from The Covers Collection.

  • Museum Quality giclée print.

  • Numbered and Signed by Catherine Casalino.

  • Limited to no more than 100 copies worldwide.

  • Printed on 300 GSM, 100% archival cotton paper

Release Date: January, 2019
Size: 11″ x 17″

Read the interview with Catherine Casalino about desiging the cover

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