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Merrin's Cross paperweight

Joe Hill


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Merrin's Cross paperweight
Merrin's Cross paperweight

Description from Suntup website

At the end of 2019 Suntup Editions announded the limited edition acrylic paperweight featuring a high quality stainless steel gold tone cross with chain called "Merrin's Cross" . Their first paperweight was produced as a unique collectible to accompany the Suntup edition of Misery by Stephen King. Now, once again coming out of requests from customers, Suntup Editions offered "Merrin's Cross" for fans of Joe Hill's novel Horns.

  • Limited to 100 paperweights.

  • 2.5” square acrylic.

  • Designation is laser engraved in the acrylic

  • Available for purchase whether you owned an edition of Horns or not.

  • Not included with Lifetime Subscriptions


Registered owners of a Lettered or Numbered edition of Horns who placed an order received a matching numbered or lettered paperweight. If you owned both a Lettered and a Numbered Horns, and you ordered two paperweights, you received your letter and number.

You could also purchase this item if you did not own an edition of Horns, and you were assigned an available number, also engraved on the paperweight.

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