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Jaws ARC

Peter Benchly


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Suntup Editions




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John Anthony Di Giovanni & Roger Kastel


Wendy Benchley

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Jaws ARC
Jaws ARC

Description from Suntup Website

The limited edition of Jaws by Peter Benchley is presented in four states: Artist, Numbered, Lettered and Roman Numeral. The editions are oversized at 7” x 10” and feature six full color illustrations by John Anthony Di Giovanni as well as a new exclusive introduction by Wendy Benchley. The Roman Numeral and Lettered editions are signed by Wendy Benchley, John Anthony Di Giovanni and Roger Kastel. The Numbered edition is signed by Wendy Benchley and John Anthony Di Giovanni. The Artist edition is signed by John Anthony Di Giovanni.

Adding 1 of 50 giclée prints to any Jaws state will significantly elevate the combined value. These prints were not numbered so no matching can be done on that part. On the other hand, a matching paperweight will top things off nicely. The cubes however, can match any number, and even letters or roman numerals. So a matching set of the paperweight with anyJaws state, plus a giclée will be rare.

This ARC has been confirmed but not released yet. Let us know if you received one and / or have pictures we could share.

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