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Horns red snake skin

Joe Hill


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Suntup Editions




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Magdalena Kaczan


Joe Hill

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Horns red snake skin
Horns red snake skin

Description from Suntup Website

This is the first North American signed limited edition of Horns, and it is presented in three states: An Artist Gift edition, a Numbered edition and a Lettered edition. All three measure 6” x 9” and feature twelve full-color illustrations by Magdalena Kaczan. The editions are signed by Joe Hill and Magdalena Kaczan, and all editions include a new introduction by Joe Hill.

Numbered Edition

The Numbered edition is limited to 265 copies, the first 250 of which are for sale and numbered in black. The remaining 15 copies are numbered in red and are reserved for private distribution. It is a Bradel binding with Japanese cloth boards, and a genuine snakeskin spine. Endpapers are Hahnemühle Bugra, and the edition is printed letterpress on Mohawk Superfine paper. It is housed in a custom two-piece die-cut enclosure.

Rare Red Snakespin Spine

4 numbered page blocks were bound in red snakeskin spine. These were not for sale. One was won in a contest involving the Brother pre-order:

During the binding of our limited edition of Horns by Joe Hill, we discovered that we did not have enough snakeskins for the last few extras we make for private distribution. So we decided to do something fun and bind these copies in a unique red colored version of the skin! There are only four of these red copies in existence, three of which will remain in-house and this one copy is being offered up as the prize for this contest.

Every pre-order we receive for Ania Ahlborn’s novel Brother will be entered into a drawing, and one of those will be selected at random to win the red Horns! There is one entry per copy ordered, and there is no limit per household so the more copies you order, the greater your chance of winning. 

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