Horns portfolio

Joe Hill

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Description from Suntup website

  • Signed by artist Magdalena Kaczan on a beautiful letterpress printed signature sheet

  • Fifteen art prints depicting scenes and characters from the novel

  • Never-before-seen collection of line drawings by Magdalena Kaczan that were not used in the final production

  • Prints measure 10" x 15" and are enclosed in a beautiful art folio box

  • Includes three gorgeous landscape illustrations, including the custom endsheet illustration and the full wrap-around dust jacket art

  • The Horns Art Portfolio is available for pre-order whether you own a Horns limited edition or not. The limitation sheet will be hand numbered or lettered, and for those who own either a Lettered of Limited edition of Horns, we will automatically match your portfolio to your registered number or letter.

  • Limited to 125 copies