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Ania Ahlborn


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Ania Ahlborn

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Brother numbered
Brother numbered

Description from Suntup Website

The signed limited edition of Brother by Ania Ahlborn is presented in two states, and is limited to five hundred and twenty-six copies. The edition measures 6¼” x 9¼” and features six full-color illustrations by World Fantasy Award winner Samuel Araya. Also included is a new introduction by Ania Ahlborn, and both editions are signed by the author and artist. This is the first signed limited edition of the novel, and the first time it is issued in hardcover. All copies ship with a Brother bookmark.

The Numbered edition of 500 copies is bound in Indiana Walnut handmade paper by paper and print artist Andrea Peterson. This unique archival paper is made from a 100% cotton rag sheet that has been coated with a black walnut dye from the artist’s trees on her homestead. The sheets are crumpled to soften, brush dyed and finally coated with a thin layer of shellac to seal the walnut. Endsheets are Hahnemühle Bugra and the cover features two hits of foil stamping. The book is housed in an embossed paper covered slipcase.

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