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Brother and Seed matching lettered

Ania Ahlborn


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Suntup Editions




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Ania Ahlborn

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Brother and Seed matching lettered
Brother and Seed matching lettered

Brother and Seed matching

Brother and Seed were not availbale as a set from Suntup Editions. Their publication differed by approximately 1 year.

The lettered editions follow a consistent design. Both are Bradel bindings and have handmade paper boards. These papers were made by Amanda Degener, master papermaker. She founded "Cave Paper", A handmade paper production studio dedicated to creating unusual sheets of high quality paper since 1994. Currently based in Tucson, Cave Paper is owned and operated by Zoë Goehring, carrying on the legacy of Amanda Degener and Bridget O'Malley who founded the studio in Minneapolis.

The clamshell boxes are made of the same dark brown faux leather material.  However, the spines of the traycases have minor mismatches. Firstly, seed is a tiny bit taller. Secondly, the author's name and the Suntup logo are not displayed on the top and bottom respectively of the Seed traycase compared to Brother's. Lastly, the foil is of a slightly different color tone as well. Brother has more of a red gold sheen, while Seed tends more to yellow gold. This might be intentional to differentiate. I am interested to see the design of the 3rd Ahlborn lettered edition.

The leather s;pione of the books themselves differ as well. Brother appears to be blind stamped while Seed is stamped with the same gold foil as the clamshell. 

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Brother - Seed

Description by Maurice, CBV curator

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