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Collectible Book Vault open to trading and selling: Suntup Editions War of Worlds by HG Wells.

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Over the past months I got a few requests to open the website to listing of books. I am still very busy adding bibliographies and photo galleries of Centipede Press and Folio Society books so I said I liked the idea, but would not be able to accommodate for while. The main purpose of the website was and is supposed to be informative and not a trading platform. It does offer some advantages to list books here of course. Versus Ebay you won't see any selling fees here. Versus Facebook you get a fixed listing that doesn't disappear in a funky Timeline. And in time I think even google will be able to find a selling post fairly quickly. I build this website on the Wix platform and have zero experience in coding. I'm a gastroenterologist and book collector, not a website coder. So for now the only option I can offer is to list a book in blog post on a through a personal member webpage. This is the first test post, but if you really like this book it is actually for sale :)

This is #179 of Suntup Editions War of the Worlds by HG Wells. I own the lettered in a set so this is available to find a new owner for $525 plus shipping. I ship anywhere at cost. If you are interested you can contact me at or find me on Facebook or Discord to discuss. Payment can be done through Paypal or Wise. Add 4% if you prefer Paypal Goods&Services.

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