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Ulysses - Folio Society Centenary Limited Edition

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

I will admit that I have not read Ulysses yet. It's one of those books that exist in the periphery of my literary sphere of interest. Having enjoyed an education in Ancient Greek and Latin, and an avid devourer of those ancient tales, Ulysses has always piqued my interest though. When the Folio Society released their Centenary Edition, I immediately jumped on it. Since I did not own one of their previous releases of Ulysses, I was not hampered by this being their 2nd limited edition of this work, nor the fact that John Vernon already illustrated Ulysses for Folio Society in a non limited edition. And boy, am I glad I wasn't. The book is a behemoth, but is very supple when opened and easily handled in your lap. Dante is very easy on the eyes and the Munken Pure paper really breathes quality. The illustrations are incredibly sharp and really pop. I look forward to sitting in my library and try to tackle this literary giant in the summer. Enjoy. Stay healthy and keep reading.

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