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The Jonah by James Herbert - Centipede Press limited edition

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

The thing I love most about a press, is when they release limited editions that make me want to read a story I would have never ever have touched otherwise. Centipede Press has a "standard" format these days with full cloth bound smyth-sewn books and dustjackets of thick matte paper. They are priced anywhere between $65 and $125 and really give you one of the best values per page out there in the limited press world. This is The Jonah, which was almost simultaneously released with The Survivor, and was preceded by The Spear a few months ago. If you're a James Herbert fan, I can imagine your excitement.

It's always a delight to remove Centipede Press dust jackets and discover what's beneath. Not all, but most recent releases have blind stamped front boards with more often than not some form of foil blocked details. In this case the eyes which nicely accentuate the overall blue theme in this release.

In the case of The Jonah, $65 will get you a smyth-sewn full cloth binding, top-edge stain, ribbon marker and excellent original interior artwork, illustrated end-papers, a beautiful dust-jacket, and most importantly alot of extra essays and bonus stories. Mr. Walters really squeezes all the value he can get into these books. I dare you to find me a publisher who equals Centipede Press at this price range.

I love the drawings Rodger Gerberding did for this edition. I am a sucker for black and white drawings so that was an easy win.

Ben Baldwin's art isn't always my cup of tea but I really like the colour palette on these. Together with all the other details in the binding it makes it all click for me.

I'm putting this on my pile to read just from this presentation which will be my first James Herbert experience. And that's what keeps me a Centipede Press devotee.

Stay healthy and keep reading.

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