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Robin Hobb

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

I‘m a vast fan of Robin Hobb’s Eldering saga. Or to me the Fitz and the Fool saga, which is why the last trilogy was a home run for me literally and figuratively. In between my wide range of collecting I try to find all collectible books signed by Hobb. Even trade hardcovers. Especially Hobb's first trilogy have gorgeous covers by famous artists John Howe and Michael Whelan. The only other author I collect trade hardcovers for is Tolkien, that's how I value her. Her characters from the Farseer trilogy really struck home and she has been on a pedestal for me ever since. Therefore I was overjoyed that I managed to find a signed advance proof and deluxe limited variant (numbers 1-200) of Subterranean PressThe Inheritance signed by both pseudonyms of Margaret Lindholm: Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm. Tom Kidd’s art always brings something special to signed limited books. In this case the covers and illustrated endpapers. Looking forward to read these stories.

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Thank you for explaining the Inheritance differences. I bought the deluxe leather one from Camelot books a couple years back and it is so gorgeous that I had a slipcase made. I thought all the 1,000 came that way until I bought a second hand full SP Farseer set which contained the Green Printed title The Inheritance, cloth bound and no special endpapers. It has a # 900+/1000. It’s a fine book but not a stunning as the leather bound with illustrated endpapers. Thanks for explanation.


That's my handwriting on the numbering page! I numbered that when I worked in the shipping department!

29 de jun. de 2022
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You should have signed it Geralyn :)

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