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Powers of Darkness

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

I have put way too much time into the website without properly admiring my acquisitions. I was more than averagely impressed by Powers of Darkness of Centipede Press.

I have not read it yet so this is not a review of the story, just my musings on the production. The dustjacket art is one of those illustrations with so many details that you keep discovering a new one every time you let your eyes pour over it. The inside flap on the front board held a nice surprise for me.

The bat on the spine is perfect.

I am equally impressed by the front board foil stamping and the amount of detail, depth and shadows that is accomplished by 1 hit of the blue foil. Endpapers are signature centipede press: ripple textured, and for this edition executed in black. An awesome effect is displayed when the light hits them in the right angle.

The paper is a nice thick stock that holds the offset printed type smooth and crisp. It's well chosen to keep the size of text block in check. Despite this being a meaty and tall book, for me it is the perfect size for a luxurious limited edition to make it readable and not just a showpiece. The top edge is stained black

The book bursts with art by 5 different artists, 1 of which is a personal favorite of mine since Children of the Kingdom and Haunting of Hill house, Vladimir Zimakov.

Highlight for me is the double page art by Igor Karash. Especially the wolf piece is my favorite of the book after Sanderson's dust jacket.

Without a doubt in my mind this will be a much sought after book in years to come. My library is lucky to have it. Stay healthy and keep reading.

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