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Hannibal by Suntup Editions

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

The last in the trilogy (we don't speak of Hannibal Rising). I can't overstate my joy when I saw Jason Mowry was asked to illustrate this latest Suntup Edition. Red Dragon introduced me to Mowry and I have been following this exceptional artist ever since. I was fortunate to acquire some original pieces and they are a sight to behold! I am especially looking forward to holding the artist editions with reversible jackets and displaying them with covers out. For the lettered I would have loved a return to the Strathmore Pastelle paper that was used in the lettered edition of Red Dragon. I will have an one on one with the lettered edition of Silence of the Lambs and my camera soon because this is also printed on Mohawk Via that will be used for Hannibal. Especially Mowry's art on the different papers will be fun to compare, but it will be hard to beat the texture of Strathmore Pastelle paper for me. I am not directly a fan of the color choice for the numbered edition, but the mock ups don't always represent the color of the final production. So time will tell. All in all I am very looking forward to this release. Hopefully this will grace our shelves before the holidays. Stay healthy and keep reading.

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