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Folio Society Aurora Australis limited edition

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

The focus of my collection lies in small and fine press Fantasy, (Science) Fiction and Dystopian works. I gladly make exceptions when Folio Society publishes Facsimiles of Medieval or Exploration literary works. I am not familiar with the history of Ernest Shackleton and the Nimrod expedition to the South Pole, but look forward to reading this exceptional production. Bound by well known and award-winning Ludlow Bookbinders, I was sold on the recreation of this binding that was fashioned from materials available on the ship in the early 1900's. The materials really bring you back to the basics: wooden boards, the paper sheets bound by green cord in a leather strip which is affixed to the leather spine which also holds the wooden front and back boards. This handmade book really creates the feeling as of you are holding a book made on the Nimrod, printed on an Albion Press (see also St. James Park Press' An Albion in the Antarctic). The printing is excellent on fine thick paper. The art looks sharp. This is definitely a keeper. See the CBV dedicated page for Aurora Australis for more pictures.

I can also recommend watching this excellent production video from Folio Society. It really shows you the passion and thought that went into creating this book. As of writing this only 31 copies are still available from Folio Society directly. I can wholeheartedly recommend this book

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