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The Fifth Season lettered

N.K. Jemisin

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John Anthony di Giovanni


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The Fifth Season lettered
The Fifth Season lettered

3.a Quarter bound marbled cloth with two hit foil stamping to the cover and spine: limitation 500 

3.b Full cream leather goatskin blind stamped cover design, two hit foil stamping to rounded spine with embedded amethyst: Limitation 200

3.c Finest Harmatan black leather goatskin with wrap around foil blocking and amethyst crystal shard embedded in front cover: Limitation 26

3.d To be disclosed: limitation 5

Lettered Edition

Limited to 26 copies, the Lettered Edition comes with a custom hand-made wooden box by expert box maker Peter Canham. The cover has a unique purple piece of agate embedded within the wood as has been laser etched with the author and title.

The lettering on the spine has been carved in and hand aged by Peter, with a piece of amethyst cut into the block. Inside, the box has been lined in finest purple suedel with a ribbon for retrieving the book.

The book inside is handbound of the finest harmattan black leather and has a unique amethyst crystal shard embedded in the cover, with wrap around foil stamping. The boards are 6mm and chamfered, and the book is gilded gold across all three edges. Inside the book there are marbled endpapers (by the amazing Freya Scott) and a further 8 tipped in colour plates.

Printed on Magnani Mouldmade Pescia 130gsm by Nomad Letterpress of Cheltenham, bound by Ludlow Bookbinders and signed by both Author and Artist.

The other editions:  Standard - Numbered

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