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Ready Player One unsigned

Ernest Cline

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Curious King



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Susan Jaekel / Peter Andrew Jones / Mark Duffin / Francesco Lorenzetti / John Enright / Hiro Kimura


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Ready Player One unsigned
Ready Player One unsigned

1.a.i Calf Leather rebinding stored in Atari "Woody" traycase unsigned by author title page: lettered state 1 of 26 

1.a.ii Calf Leather rebinding stored in Atari : lettered state 19 of 26 

1.a.iii Calf Leather rebinding stored in Atari "Darth Vader" traycase: lettered state 6 of 26

CK website description

The standard edition is limited to 20 pieces (19 signed, 1 unsigned). Handbound in smooth goatskin leather to ensure the complex foil stamping design comes out clearly, and the three edges of the pages are gilded in copper.

The endpapers are designed by Francesco Lorenzetti and depict “The Battle of Castle Anorak”, a pivotal scene within the book. There is a tipped in image by Atari artist John Enright, his take on what a Ready Player One atari cartridge would look like.

Each book is housed in a customised original Atari 2600 “Woody” traycase which has been modified and then lined with suedel to provide a neat fit and a ribbon to help retrieve the book. There is also a stand included with each purchase to display the case in two different ways.

A quarter leather bound portfolio is also included with the book. The portfolio consists of three images from Atari Artists (game covers they have recently recreated) and are signed and numbered.

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