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The Tenant

Roland Topor

Centipede Press

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Roland Topor

Thomas Ligotti

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The Tenant
The Tenant

12.a Quarterbound leather and cloth, traycased, signed by Thomas Ligotti – 20 – $225 (Red roman numerals)
12.b Clothbound with dustjacket, signed by Thomas Ligotti: 300 limitation – $45
12.c Trade paperback: 3000 limitation  – $13

Published as Millipede Press; 2006
Original price: $225/$45/$13

Part of the circle series which is reflected in the similar design with a black upper band with art underneath.

Synopsis from Centipede Press website

Originally published in France in 1964, The Tenant chronicles a harrowing, fascinating descent into madness as the pathologically alienated Trelkovsky is subsumed into Simone Choule, an enigmatic suicide whose baleful presence still saturates his new apartment. Much more than a tale of possession, the novel probes disturbing depths of guilt, paranoia, and sexual obsession with an unsparing, almost clinical detachment.
      This densely textured work was brilliantly filmed by Roman Polanski in 1976. This handsome edition features a new introduction by Thomas Ligotti, four bonus short stories by Torpor (none of which have ever been collected in hardcover), and a generous selection of Topor’s distinctive artwork.
      The hardcover edition is limited to just 300 copies and is signed by Thomas Ligotti. Bound in cloth with a dustjacket with Topor artwork in color on the front and back.

Deluxe edition

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