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The Slime Beast

Guy N Smith

Centipede Press

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Alan M Clark

Guy N Smith

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The Slime Beast
The Slime Beast

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Professor Lowson is searching the Wash for King John's lost treasure. Instead he awakes a reptilian creature buried in the mud, which seems to have arrived on this planet in a meteorite. It starts wandering around, killing and eating anybody it comes across. Lowson wants to capture it alive, his companions want to kill it before it kills anyone else. Soon the locals are involved and following a number of violent deaths and an attempted rape, there can only be a catastrophic finale.
      Originally published in 1976, and now available for the first time in hardcover, The Slime Beast is recognized as one of prolific author Guy S. Smith’s finest camp achievements.  
      This first-ever hardcover edition of The Slime Beast features a new introduction by author Guy N. Smith, and new artwork by artist Alan M. Clark. It also features reproductions of the original paperback covers.
      The book is hardcover with a sewn binding and a printed front panel with the remainder in black cloth. The dustjacket has a die cut oval which reveals part of the image.

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