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The Sheep look Up

John Brunner

Centipede Press

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Dan J. O'Driscoll

Kim Stanley Robinson

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The Sheep look Up
The Sheep look Up

49.a.i Quarter bonded leather binding, gold foil stamping on spine, printed cloth front board and broken white cloth back board, beige ribbon marker, brown head and tail bands; signed by Kim Stanley Robinson: 300 limitation - $150

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Food, crops, water and scarce resources are all undergoing major stresses due to human incompetence and greed. Forty years ago, Brunner foresaw the catastrophes we are only now coming to grips with. In this tale of impending ecological disaster, he describes in detail the lives of people attempting to come to terms with their deteriorating environment.
       This is the first limited edition of The Sheep Look Up ever published. This edition features a fine introduction by Kim Stanley Robinson, one of science fiction’s best-known writers.
       The book also features an interview with Brunner, a column by Brunner, and a lengthy autobiography with photographs. Signed by Kim Stanley Robinson. The book has a printed cloth front panel, Japanese cloth on back panel, top-edge stain, ribbon marker, beautiful European endpapers, full color illustrations, and is over 350 pages.

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