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The Face that must die deluxe

Ramsey campbell

Centipede Press

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JK Potter

Poppy Z Brite

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The Face that must die deluxe
The Face that must die deluxe

9.a Quarterbound leather and cloth, traycased, signed by Ramsey Campbell, Poppy Z. Brite, and J.K. Potter: 20 limitation - $225 (Red roman numerals)
9.b Clothbound with dustjacket, signed signed by Ramsey Campbell, Poppy Z. Brite, and J.K. Potter: 300 limitation - $65
9.c Trade paperback: 3000 limitation - $14

Published as Millipede Press; 2006
Original price: $225/$65/$14

The Face That Must Die was the second title from Millipede Press, and the second book in a series that I’m going to make up a name for, right now: the “circle series” (you’ll see why in a second, and also that I’m not particularly creative). “Series” in this case means a collection of books that are typographically and stylistically similar or identical. The books themselves are not related.

The circle series books are well represented in the previous bibliography of Some of your Blood so I’ll just document the cases in which a particular circle series book is different from its predecessors – usually just the dustjacket and limitation page.

I’m referring to this as the circle series because these books all share the same relatively-short-lived Millipede Press logo, a yellow circle/spiral on the top of the spine, like is shown on the picture in the gallery of the spines

Cover design for these books was generally a black upper band with art underneath.

I like this particular limitation page (and this particular book) because it has some excellent contributors. Another thing to note about this series and early Centipede Press books in general: the signature page is generally a free-for-all. As in most cases that usually results in the same general order and placement of signatures, but not always. Later books introduce those nice lines that indicate to authors where to sign.

Folks may recognize the bottom signature as JK Potter’s, artist and contributor to several limited King editions.

The middle signature is New Orleans author Poppy Z. Brite, who provides a fantastic and insightful introduction, as always. Unfortunately, having retired from fiction writing after a nice run of good gothic horror novels and countless chapbooks and shorter works, we hear from Poppy less and less these days. Poppy is now known as Billy Martin, though when he does intros or makes other contributions to books, he still uses his old professional name and signs as “Poppy Z. Brite”.

The top signature is of course the signature of the quite prolific British author Ramsey Campbell. I’m sure that most folks here have heard of him and probably read some of his stuff!

You’ll also notice the same type used and mentioned (Fleischmann).

Bibliography by Timothy Booksker adapted from thedarktower forum

Synopsis from Centipede Press website

Ramsey Campbell’s daring look into the mind of a psychotic killer was published in truncated form in 1979; an expanded edition was later published in 1982. The paranoid outlook of the book’s main character, Horridge, is a grim commentary on a bleak Liverpool suburb and Thatcher-era England.  
      This edition has the corrected text by Campbell and the compelling photographs of J.K. Potter, with a new introduction by Poppy Z. Brite, a bonus short story, and a new afterword by Campbell.

See also: Standard numbered edition

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