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The Deadly Percheron

John Franklin Bardin

Centipede Press

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Salvador Dali

Jonathan Lethem

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The Deadly Percheron
The Deadly Percheron

13.a Quarterbound leather and cloth, traycased, signed by Jonathan Lethem – 20 – $225 (Red roman numerals)
13.b Clothbound with dustjacket, signed by Jonathan Lethem: 300 limitation – $65
13.c Trade paperback: 3000 limitation  – $15

Published as Millipede Press; 2006
Original price: $225/$65/$15

Part of the circle series which is reflected in the similar design with a black upper band with art underneath.

Synopsis from Centipede Press website

John Franklin Bardin’s bold and unconventional crime thriller is at once a murder mystery, poignant love story and, most important, an unsettling and hallucinatory dark voyage into memory, madness, torture, and despair. More happens in the first fifty pages of this book than you might think possible.
       Centipede Press is proud to present this classic novel, a combination of the detective story and the tale of psychological horror, in a new edition, with a new introduction by Jonathan Lethem, and the first chapters of a previously unpublished final novel which had never before been seen. The cover is by Surrealist Salvador Dalí, and the back cover has a more complete picture of this amazing painting. Each book is signed by Jonathan Lethem.

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