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The Autopsy and other Tales

Michael Shea

Centipede Press

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The Autopsy and other Tales
The Autopsy and other Tales

29.a Leatherbound edition. Might not exist. Signed by Michael Shea: 22? limitation - $225?

29.b.i Numbered edition. Bound in full cloth. Signed by Michael Shea: 100-150 of 500 limitation - $125

29.b.ii Numbered edition. Bound in full faux leather. Signed by Michael Shea: 350-400 of 500 limitation - $125

The limitation page mentions a leatherbound edition, but we have yet to verify it's existence. So if you have this book, let us know!

The standard numbered editions has 2 variants. The first 100, or maybe 150, copies are bound in full cloth. The gallery shows these copies with a very fine and tight texture. These are both numbers below 100. Most copies you find on secondary market and pictures of online however, are bound in what looks like a kind of faux leather. Copy 176 is the lowest number I could find with this binding material. Several pictures can be found in this gallery as well. You can clearly see the craquelé / cracked texture of the material.

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