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The Architect of Sleep

Steven R Boyett

Centipede Press

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Cristina Bencina / Brenoch Adams / David Ho

Steven R. Boyett

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The Architect of Sleep
The Architect of Sleep

Synopsis from CP website

What if apes hadn’t evolved into us? Who’s next in line?
      Fresh out of college, Jim Bentley has no idea what to do with his life. A dead-end job at 7-Eleven, movies, caving in sinkhole tunnels in central Florida.
      But life has plans for Bentley — because one day he stumbles into a different world. Evolution took a different path here. Primates don’t rule the world. Raccoons do.
      Surviving in the woods, Bentley befriends one of these intelligent creatures, and soon learns that she is more than she seems. For Bentley has landed in the midst of turmoil: political coup, class uprising, and imminent war — and his new alien friend has something to do with all of it.
      And she seems to think he has a part to play in her agenda. If he can stay alive.

This classic novel of alternate evolution, one of the most well-written, frustrating, and highly regarded fantasy novels of the last 50 years, is finally back in print after 35 years, in its first hardcover edition. This book features a new afterword by Steven Boyett (explaining, in part, the lack of a second volume), as well as new dustjacket artwork by Brenoch Adams, the original paperback art by Jim Gurney, endpapers by David Ho, and ten interior black & white illustrations by Cristina Bencina. It is signed by Boyett, Bencina, Adams and Ho. The book is oversize at 6½ × 10 inches and is printed on acid-free Cougar paper with a Smyth sewn binding complete with head and tail bands and a ribbon marker.

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