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Street of No Return deluxe

David Goodis

Centipede Press

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Street of No Return deluxe
Street of No Return deluxe

16.a Full leather, cloth traycase, signed by Robert Polito – 25 red roman numerals – $225(?)
16.b Clothbound, inset pictorial of frontispiece, gold foil stamping of author and title on front board, signed by Robert Polito: 300 limitation – $50

CP website synopsis

Once upon a time Whitey was a crooner with a million-dollar voice and a standing invitation from any woman who heard him use it. Until he had the bad luck to fall for Celia. And then nothing would ever be the same.
       In Street of No Return David Goodis works the magic that made him one of the most distinctive voices in hard-boiled fiction, creating a claustrophobic universe in which wounded men and women collide with cataclysmic force. With a new introduction by Robert Polito and a bonus short story, Black Pudding. Limited to 300 cloth copies, each one is signed by Robert Polito.

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