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Stigmata unsigned

Various Authors

Centipede Press

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Stigmata unsigned
Stigmata unsigned

1.a Leather binding in traycase with signature page type 1: >5 - $750
1.b.i Cloth binding with signature page type 1: unknown (300 total of state 1.b) - $250
1.b.ii Cloth binding with signature page type 2: unknown (300 total of state 1.b) - $250
1.c Cloth binding with no signature page: unknown - $150

The actual release doesn’t follow the prospectus – there was originally going to be a standard state of 300 copies, bound in cloth, and not signed, on sale for $150, as well as a deluxe state of 20 copies, bound in leather (of your choice!), with extra content, in a traycase, and with a signature page signed by all possible contributors (with a list price of $1995).

In reality there were at least three states that were printed. I not only have no idea how many of each exist, I don’t even know for sure how many different states there truly are (but there are at least three because that’s how many different states I have). All three states are identical in their composition and content, but have different signature pages (different signature pages count in my differentiation of states). There was one state bound with the deluxe limitation page that included 10 signatures, a second state bound with the standard limitation page that included 5 signatures, and a third state bound with the standard limitation page and with no signature page (not shown).

The book itself is called Stigmata. Lest you be confused (and some were), this is a “collection” and the name was chosen not because there is an underlying unity of theme (stigmata) but because Jerad liked that name. Or so I heard. For the life of me I can’t remember where or how (it was probably a message board), and this book came out more than a decade before I ever heard of the press, so take that worth a grain of salt (the fact that he picked the name because he liked the word, not the fact that the stories aren’t related to stigmata – that’s definitely true).

Bibliography by Timothy Booksker adapted from thedarktower forum

Synopsis from Centipede Press website

Our first publication, this large 8 × 12 book includes fiction by Patricia Highsmith, Robert Coover, Cynthia Asquith; essays by Henry Miller, Robin Wood, James Baldwin; art byHarry O. Morris, Thomas Wiloch, Denis Tiani, Fritz Eichenberg, Lynd Ward; poetry, film essays, film stills, and a lot more.
       This book was nominated for two World Fantasy Awards back in 2002. Signed copies (including signatures from Thomas Wiloch, Forrest J Ackerman, and Susan Sontag, all now deceased, as well as several other contributors) are available. Please inquire if you are interested.

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