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Speaker for the dead

Orson Scott Card

Centipede Press

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Orson Scott Card

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Speaker for the dead
Speaker for the dead

Synopsis from CP website

The sequel to Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead was published in 1986, where it won both the Nebula and the Hugo Awards. Centipede Press is proud to publish the complete 1991 revised edition of the novel, with new illustrations by David Palumbo, including four interior plates, frontispiece, and wraparound dustjacket.
       This stunning new edition of Speaker for the Dead is enclosed in a capped cloth slipcase, with color and black & white art by David Palumbo, introduction by Orson Scott Card, and an extensive interview with Orson Scott Card from the mid 1980s. Each copy is signed by Orson Scott Card and David Palumbo. The signed edition is limited to 300 copies.

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