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Queen of blood

Charles Neutzel

Centipede Press

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Ben Baldwin

Charles Neutzel

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Queen of blood
Queen of blood

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A mysterious distress call from outer space leads a group of international astronauts on a perilous mercy mission to Mars. But when they arrive, they find the voluptuous Queen of Centurion, and the adventure turns into an eerie nightmare. Irresistible to men, one by one the Queen’s charms seduce her rescuers into a fatal embrace as the Queen herself eyes the earth as a new hunting ground.
      Originally published in 1966, and now available for the first time in hardcover (the paperback is a fairly expensive item), Queen of Blood was also a terrific American International picture that starred Basil Rathbone, Dennis Hooper, and Forrest J Ackerman.
      This first-ever hardcover edition of Queen of Blood features a new introduction by author Charles Nuetzel, and new artwork by artist Ben Baldwin. It also features reproductions of the original paperback cover and film poster, and reprints the Forrest J Ackerman introduction from the first edition paperback. The book is also illustrated with stills from the film.
      The book is hardcover with a sewn binding and a printed front panel with the remainder in black cloth. The dustjacket has a die cut oval which reveals part of the image.

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