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Masters of the Weird Tale Frank Belknap Long

Frank Belknap Long

Centipede Press

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Allen Koszowski / Gwabryel / Randy Broecker

John Pelan

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Masters of the Weird Tale Frank Belknap Long
Masters of the Weird Tale Frank Belknap Long

CP website synopsis

The largest collection of Frank Belknap Long stories ever collected in one volume, including many stories here reprinted for the first time ever since their publication in the pulps over 50 years ago.
       With original illustrations by Allen Koszowski, Randy Broecker, and others, and an illuminating introduction by John Pelan. We also include a gallery of old paperback and hardcover covers of previous editions of Frank Belknap Long books, and photographs of the author. The essential collection of Long’s work, with the complete short novel The Horror from the Hills,and heavily illustrated in both color and black & white. Bound in cloth with a full cloth slipcase.
       The edition is limited t0 200 signed and numbered copies, and the book is signed by Randy Broecker, Swiss artist Gwabryel, Allen Koszowski, and editor John Pelan.

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