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Frederic Brown

Centipede Press

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Dick Adler

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27.a.i Numbered edition. Quarter faux leather bound, textured orange cloth, signed by Dick Adler ~30 of 200/300 limitation - $65

27.a.ii Numbered edition. Quarter faux leather bound, blue cloth boards, blind stamped symbol on front board, signed by Dick Adler: 170/270 of 200/300 limitation - $65

 This book appears to have two variants. No deluxe edition was made. The orange cloth is one of nicest cloths ever used by Jerad. It is textured and you can feel the swirls. This is the first variant of the book and only around 30 were made. The blue cloth appears more often on the secondary market. The limitation page mentions 300 copies, but the CP website mentions 200 copies in the details. This contradicts the synopsis on the same page. It is not seen often on secondary market, so 200 copies might be the true limitation. If anyone owns a copy between 200 - 300, let us know!

CP website synopsis

Fredric Brown is simply out of his mind with this novel, and once you read this completely out of hand take on greed, sex and death in the carny, you’ll wonder how in the hell he can pack so much story in so little space. Madball (told primarily through the eyes of Dr Magus) is a whodunit when the story opens with a carny regular being killed and the clever detective work of Magus, who has deduced that there is a whole lot of money missing someplace.
 Madball is making its first ever hardcover appearance, and to round it out, we have included two bonus short stories: Come and Go Mad, considered by many to be Brown’s finest short work, and the long out of print Greatest Poem Ever Written.Dick Adler has contributed a fine introduction. Limited to 300 copies, each one is signed by Dick Adler.

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