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If you could see me now

Peter Straub

Centipede Press

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JK Potter

Thomas Tessier

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If you could see me now
If you could see me now

40.a.i Quarter bonded leather binding, gold foil stamping on rounded spine, printed front board, green rippled cloth back board, green top edge stain, black headband, green ribbon marker; signed by Peter Straub, J.K. Potter, and Thomas Tessier: 300 limitation - $150

Synopsis from Centipede Press website

John Farris’s bizarre welding of suspense novel, love story and detective story, with a generous portion of physics, biology, time travel, and Nicolai Tesla thrown in for good measure, remains a brilliant, underated, and unclassifiable oddity of genre fiction.
      Trying to make sense of it all is Stephen Gallagher, who has written an excellent introduction providing some eye-opening insights. Also included is a bonus short story by Farris.
      Limited to 250 copies, the book is bound in cloth with a handsome printed front panel, and an unusual and beautiful back cover of special Japanese cloth. Each copy is signed by John Farris.

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