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Here comes a Candle deluxe

Frederic Brown

Centipede Press

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Here comes a Candle deluxe
Here comes a Candle deluxe

10.a Quarterbound leather and cloth, traycased, signed by Bill Pronzini– 20 – $225 (Red roman numerals)
10.b Clothbound with dustjacket, signed by Bill Pronzini: 300 limitation – $50/$40
10.c Trade paperback: 3000 limitation  – $14

Published as Millipede Press; 2006
Original price: $225/($50/$40)/$14

Part of the circle series which is reflected in the similar design with a black upper band with art underneath.

Synopsis from Centipede Press website

Here Comes a Candle, first published in 1950, is Fredric Brown at his most unconventional and audacious – a novel that, in many respects, was far ahead of its time. Psychologically complex, unconventionally told in an array of stylistic variations, it is a tour de force with a savagely ironic ending not to be soon forgotten and offers a grim look at the underside of a sanitized post-World War II America. With an illuminating new introduction by Bill Pronzini that provides a lot of biographical details, a bonus short story, (the savage The Joke) and a rare essay by Brown. Bound in three-piece cloth with a full color dustjacket.

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