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Frankenstein deluxe

Mary Shelley

Centipede Press

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Berni Wrightson / Lynd Ward

Patrick McGrath

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Frankenstein deluxe
Frankenstein deluxe

17.a Full leather, inset pictorial in front board, cloth traycase, signed by Patrcik McGrath – 25 red roman numerals – $225(?)
17.b.i Clothbound, inset pictorial in front board, signed by Patrick McGrath: 300 limitation – $20

17.b.ii Clothbound, full height printed front board, signed by Patrick McGrath: 300 limitation – $20

CP website synopsis

A smaller edition of Mary Shelley’s classic. Includes art by Berni Wrightson, a couple of the Lynd Ward wood engravings, a large selection of critical essays, extensive film stills, and, by far, the best bibliography on the subject ever published. Ideal for the trade and scholarly use.
       This edition also includes the introduction by Patrick McGrath. Essays include a fine postmodern reading by Judith Halberstam; an excellent essay discussing the novel’s place in science fiction by Brian Aldiss; a history of artificial men by Radu Florescu; a comprehensive essay on the several different film and stage versions; and several others.

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