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Ender Set

Orson Scott Card

Centipede Press

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Orson Scott Card

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Ender Set
Ender Set

A complete matching set of the Ender's Saga

Ender's Game is the most rare book of the set to collect. It predates the other 2 book by 7 years as it was published in 2014. Ender's way and Speaker for the Dead were subsequently released in 2021. Despite popular demand to match the illustrated slipcase for the 2021 releases, Jerad chose matching black cloth bound capped slipcases for Enders's Way and Speaker for the Dead with matching stamped lettering. When asked for the reason he mentioned diffulty in producing the illustrated cloth bound capped slipcase of Ender's Game. This will most likely reamain an unique feature of this book. It is increasingly rare to find Ender's Game on the secondary market and it's value ranges between $1.500 and $2.500 depending on condition as of September 2021. The other books can be found for $1.000 toghether as a matching set. Because of the 7 year gap in publishing between the first book and the last 2, a full matching set will be a rare find and will command a premium in collecting value.

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