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Dark Star

Alan Dean Foster

Centipede Press

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Alan Dean Foster

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Dark Star
Dark Star

Synopsis from Centipede Press website

John Carpenter’s classic USC student film has been rightly praised as a classic of comedic science fiction. But just as comedic is Alan Dean Foster’s novelization, first published in 1974 by Ballantine books, which was so popular it went through a half dozen printings in its first six years. It introduced Alan Dean Foster to the novelization world, where he would dominate with bestselling books for the next few decades.
       Being a visionary and future Grandmaster of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, Alan crafted a novel that plays in the cracks where the screenplay couldn’t go, focusing on the theater of the mind which the space-mad men often played in. And thus, Centipede Press presents to you this Legacy edition novelization by Alan, filled with wit, philosophy, and an alien named Beachballus Carpenterbannoni.
       For twenty years, the crew of the Dark Star has endured mind-numbing boredom as they reflexively continue to fulfill their mission to keep the galaxy safe by destroying unstable planets. Their captain is dead and kept in cryogenic sleep leaving commanding officer, Lieutenant Doolittle, Sergeant Pinback, Corporal Boiler, and Talby to keep a rapidly failing space ship afloat. To prevent themselves from going even madder, they often engage in trivial pursuits like chasing the alien mascot around the ship, target shooting, playing music and practical jokes, or just watching the universe go by. When an electromagnetic storm accidentally arms intelligent Bomb #20, the crew suddenly has only a short time to convince it not to detonate. Will teaching it philosophy be enough to save their dull, useless lives, or will the Dark Star become one a new star itself?
       This new Centipede Press edition of Dark Star is the first hardcover edition of this classic ever published. It features a new introduction by Alan Dean Foster, original poster reproductions, original artwork reproductions, some film stills through the text, and new dustjacket artwork by Ben Baldwin.
       The book is fully bound in European cloth with multiple color stamping on the spine and front board. With a ribbon marker and Smyth sewn binding, this is a small, attractive hardcover that will find a place of honor on your shelves. 

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