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Chimera II deluxe


Centipede Press

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Chimera II deluxe
Chimera II deluxe

25.a Deluxe Roman Numeral Edition – Leather – two color full leather binding, traycased: 25 limitation – $1000 (Red roman numerals). This book is so rare that it is possible less than 25 were made. 25.b Numbered edition. Two-tone cloth binding: 200(?) limitation - $250

The second book in the Chimera series. Both Chimera I and Chimera II belong to the most rare and elusive books to collect. Not many change hands. Let alone the deluxe state. These can be rightly called "mythic" in rarity.

Like Chimera this has two states: A deluxe and and a standard state

Here you see rare pictures of the deluxe state. It appears Jerad liked the two color full leather binding during this period. The same can be seen for Shadow of the Torturer deluxe. This traycase can only be described as a tome. It is gigantic in size. You can see the difference in size in one of the pictures with Chimera I.

These books are gorgeous productions of various art pieces and short stories.

See also the standard edition

See also Chimera I deluxe

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