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Black Wings has my Angel

Elliot Chaze

Centipede Press

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Joe Servello

Bill Pronzini

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Black Wings has my Angel
Black Wings has my Angel

28.a Numbered edition. Cloth bound with full height printed front board. Signed by Bill Pronzini and Joe Servello: 300 limitation - $65

CP website synopsis

Elliot Chaze’s masterpiece of crime fiction, Black Wings Has My Angel, is an acknowledged cult classic since its publication back in the 1950s, and Bill Pronzini pulls out all the stops in discussing the book and its elusive author, Elliot Chaze. Pronzini makes a convincing argument that Black Wings Has My Angel is really a literary novel operating under the guise of a crime novel. The book is less about plot than the completely convincing characterization and is heavily indebted to the American Naturalists, especially Frank Norris.
       Tastefully designed, this is the definitive edition of this book, now available, for the first time ever, in a handsome hardcover edition. The book is quarterbound in Japanese cloth with a printed image by Joe Servello on the front panel cloth.
       Over 6 × 9 inches, three-piece Japanese cloth construction with printed silk panels, ribbon marker, patterned endsheets and an elegant design.

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