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Alice in Wonderland Jabberwock edition

Lewis Carroll

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Amaranthine Books



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Damir Mazinjanin


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Alice in Wonderland Jabberwock edition
Alice in Wonderland Jabberwock edition

Description from Amaranthine Books website

Jabberwock Edition combines Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There into a beautiful numbered edition limited to 260 copies.

Creative concept for this edition is based on the idea that the reader is put into Alice’s shoes. That is why all twenty illustrations (done by Damir Mazinjanin) that you’ll find inside are from Alice’s point of view; each pulling you a bit further into the story and showing the plot from a unique angle. Besides these twenty, of which two are full-spread illustrations, there are certain illustrated bonuses, like small chapter illustrations and an illustrated surprise that can be find in the middle. This surprise is placed there since the two sequels are fused into one book, each beginning on one cover and ending in the middle. This is also a small tribute to the Looking-Glass world, so it seemed fitting for this edition. Another thing that heavily influenced the creative concept was the writer’s love for math and logic (and not psychedelics like many seem to think), which he loved to bend, twist and break in his writing. That was channeled through the use of optical illusions on the covers, which do exactly that kind of thing to logic in the real world.

When you open the book, you are greeted with pearl-white endpapers with cards and squares motif. The title of the first book is written normally, while the title of the sequel is written backwards as a nod to the looking-glass world, so it can only be properly read when pointed to a mirror. There is a small introduction from Lewis Carroll on one side, as well as a so-called “Foreafterword” on the beginning of the sequel, which explains the creative concept and the thought process behind it.

The slipcase is fully capped, and hides a small surprise when you look into its cap. Also, with each copy comes a transparent Cheshire Cat bookmark.

The whole run has only 260 copies, with five additional ones marked with roman numerals for the key participants of the projects, making it quite a rarity in the book world.

You can see more pictures of the book and the illustrations in the gallery on the Amaranthine Books website

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