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The Time Machine numbered

H.G. Wells


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The Time Machine numbered
The Time Machine numbered

Description from Suntup Website

This edition of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells is limited to two hundred & eighty-one copies, and is presented in three states: Lettered, Numbered and Roman Numeral. The edition measures 6” x 9” and includes six ink illustrations by Florian Bertmer, as well as an exclusive introduction by Simon Wells, great-grandson of H.G. Wells, and director of the 2002 film adaptation.

The edition includes “The Chronic Argonauts,” an 1888 short story by H.G. Wells which the author refers to as, “the original draft of what became The Time Machine.” Also included is the long-lost eleventh chapter, “The Grey Man,” published during the novel’s serialization in the January to May issues of The New Review, excised from the first book edition published later that year.

Illustrations and text are printed letterpress on a hand-fed Vandercook Cylinder Press, and the editions are signed by Simon Wells and Florian Bertmer.

The Numbered edition is a quarter cloth binding with custom designed paper boards, which are printed letterpress. The spine is covered in a vibrant two-toned cloth and endsheets are Hahnemühle Bugra. The edition is housed in a paper covered slipcase and is limited to 250 copies.

In addition to the new introduction by Simon Wells, the edition includes the complete deleted text from the eleventh chapter later published under the title The Grey Man, as well as the prequel to The Time Machine, The Chronic Argonauts.

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