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The Eyes Of The Dragon art portfolio ARC numbered

David Palladini


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The Eyes Of The Dragon art portfolio ARC numbered
The Eyes Of The Dragon art portfolio ARC numbered

Description from suntup website

The Eyes of the Dragon is a novel by Stephen King that was first published in a 1984 limited edition via King’s personal imprint, Philtrum Press, and in a trade edition by Viking in 1987. Originally written for his daughter Naomi, the book is a work of fantasy.

Artist David Palladini was commissioned to create a series of new illustrations for the trade edition. Mr. Palladini created twenty-four original illustrations that were rendered in pencil and ink on Bienfang velour paper.

This is the first official art portfolio to be published featuring the illustrations from the Viking trade edition of The Eyes of the Dragon. It also marks the 30th anniversary of the original Viking publication of the book.

The portfolio is published in two editions, both of which are signed by David Palladini: a numbered edition of three hundred copies and a lettered edition of twenty-six copies.

Both editions include twenty-two black & white illustrations and two color illustrations. An afterword written exclusively for this edition by David Palladini is included in both editions. A previously unpublished drawing and a reproduction of the only extant copy of the Viking Title page illustration, hand-colored by David Palladini, are included in both editions.

The text has been set in Waters Titling and Warnock Pro typefaces and letterpress printed from photopolymer plates by Norman Clayton of Classic Letterpress in Ojai, California on his 18” x 23” Heidelberg Cylinder press. The text pages are printed on 100% cotton paper which has the feel of fabric.

These pictures show the lettered variant. To our knowledge this is only Suntup release with sperate ARCs for lettered and numbered states of the release.

Also check other states:

ARC lettered - Numbered - Lettered

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