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Haunting of Hill House ARC

Shirley Jackson


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Suntup Editions




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Stephen Gervais


Ruth Franklin

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Haunting of Hill House ARC
Haunting of Hill House ARC

Description from the suntup website

Approved and authorized by Laurence Hyman, Shirley Jackson’s son, the Limited Edition of The Haunting of Hill House is presented in two states: a Numbered edition and a Lettered edition. Both editions measure 6” x 9” and feature six new black & white pencil illustrations by Stephen Gervais as well as one full-color center spread illustration. Stephen’s critically acclaimed work includes the Donald M. Grant edition of Christine by Stephen King.

The editions include a new introduction by Ruth Franklin, author of A Rather Haunted Life, the award-winning biography of Shirley Jackson. Both editions feature reproductions of sketches by Shirley Jackson, entertaining and enlightening readers as to how she saw Hill House as she was writing it. The editions are signed by both Stephen Gervais and Ruth Franklin.

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