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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roman

Roald Dahl


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Suntup Editions




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Quentin Blake


Donald Sturrock / Paul Suntup

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roman
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roman

Description from Suntup Website

The limited edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl is presented in four states: Artist, Numbered, Lettered and Roman Numeral. The editions are oversized at 7” x 10” and feature over 50 color illustrations by Quentin Blake; a new exclusive introduction by Donald Sturrock, author of the critically acclaimed biography of Roald Dahl; and over 60 pages of bonus content. Also included is a note by Paul Suntup. All editions are printed full color throughout.

The Numbered, Lettered and Roman Numeral editions are printed letterpress with a spot color throughout, and the color illustrations are printed offset. The letterpress editions are signed by Donald Sturrock and Paul Suntup. The Artist edition is printed offset and is signed by Sue Gent, who created the slipcase illustration.

The Roman Numeral edition is limited to 10 copies numbered I-X. The book is section sewn by hand on pure linen tapes with linen thread. The endpapers have been designed specifically for this edition and are screen printed on Canary Yellow Canson Mi-Teintes 130gsm paper with a leather joint offering strength and flexibility.

The spine is lined with linen and acid-free paper, and the boards of the cover are acid-free laminated millboard which have been sanded to create a cushioned effect. The endbands are handsewn with colored silk threads woven around a core to support the head and tail caps. The edges have been sanded, gilt and burnished by hand with 24ct genuine gold leaf.

The leather is vegetable tanned goatskin pared by hand to create a seamless and smooth finish. All cover decoration is tooled by hand with specially made individual brass tools on 24ct genuine gold leaf, with onlays of pink and green leather to represent candy. The river of chocolate has been created with varying shades of brown leather and blind tooling. All lettering has been carried out with individual hand letters.

The “chocolate box” style enclosure is covered in specially dyed vegetable tanned goatskins, with a hand tooled label in gold leaf and leather onlays. It is lined in suede with a lifting panel and satin ribbon pull to allow easy access to the book.

The edition is printed letterpress on Rives Heavyweight moldmade paper with a spot color throughout. The color illustrations are printed offset. It is signed by Donald Sturrock and Paul Suntup, and is hand crafted by Shepherds, Sangorski & Sutcliffe in London, United Kingdom.

Golden Ticket contest with $25,000 in prizes

Distributed randomly in all editions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are 25 Golden Tickets! Each ticket features a unique number from 1 to 25, and depending on which numbered ticket you have, you will win one of the following prizes:

1 roman numeral book

1 lettered book

3 numbered books

5 Artist edition books

one $1,000 gift card

four $200 gift cards

five $100 gift cards

five $50 gift cards

Also see the other states of the book:

AE - Numbered - Lettered

Pre-release photography from Suntup Website by Yegor Malinovskii @ artofcollectiblebooks

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