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CBV Patron Subscription Plans

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

November is approaching fast and I promised an update for all of you fantastic collectors who have signed up for a membership of the Collectible Book Vault and many even have subscribed to the Patron Membership Plans! Thank you! I am humbled by your support. The website started as a passion project to catalogue books and value, but is increasingly becoming more. Zach's amazing blogs are only the beginning of a series that will continue. The content is already running well into 2023!

I originally envisioned Bronze Silver and Gold patron subscription models. With Bronze being the free tier, Silver a small yearly fee and Gold the extra support tier. This has changed into Silver Platinum and Gold. The homepage with access to blogs will not require membership and will be free.

In my testing I already setup the free Silver patron subscription and many signed up to access the new pages. So I don't want to change anything for people who signed up for this plan and expecting it to remain free. So Bronze is gone and will be the Silver Patron plan which will remain the free subscription tier that gives access to the Bibliography pages with photographs of the books, description of the books, different states and variants of the books and basic collector's info.

Silver Patron

The next tier is called Platinum Patron. In addition to Silver access, this will give access to the market value overview pages and will show basic info and in addition to median market value and recorded sales, it will also show last recorded sale date and last recorded sale price. Basicly how it was before I updated the site with the new pages. Platinum will be €2,49 / year (or €0,2075 / month if you prefer that metric;))

Electrum Patron

In addition to all the info that is accessible with silver and platinum subscription, the new Detailed Value Data with 5 last recorded sales dates and prices and inflation corrected value will be accessible only with the Gold Patron subscription for 1.45 / month. This is reduced to 1.20 / month if you choose the yearly payment option of 14,50 with Gold Patron All-year. If you want to access the Detailed Market Value Pages for only a short period, then CBV Patron on-demand will be available for €5 with 3 month access.

Gold Patron / Gold Patron All-Year / CBV Patron on-demand

I hope this keeps the bulk of the collectors info for free and creates options to support the website with with rewards of access to exclusive content.

UPDATE Monday October 24th: : I was kindly informed Platinum is more valuable than Gold while Electrum sits nicely in between Silver and Gold. So that name was updated. I might also do away with the monthly payment plan since the flat fees of the Wix platform and PayPal add up to 30-40% of the payment (because the amount is so small, the flat fee makes up a huge portion). I don't mind to pay for tech but that's a bit overdoing it ;) I am looking into 3-6-12 month Gold Plans now. Need to read the small print better;) I'll keep you updated. Thanks again to everyone who signed up already. Feel free to cancel the monthly Gold Plan and sign up for the Gold-All-Year plan with 2 month discount and another week of free trial time. This plan will stay regardless, I will only be looking into whether or not adding a 6 month plan.

Stay healthy and keep reading

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