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Stand on Zanzibar

John Brunner

Centipede Press

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Jacob McMurray

Kim Stanley Robinson

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Stand on Zanzibar
Stand on Zanzibar

48.a.i Quarter bonded leather binding, gold foil stamping on spine, printed cloth front board and Japanese red cloth back board, black ribbon marker, black headband; signed by John Brunner and Kim Stanley Robinson: 300 limitation - $225

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This dystopian look at the future, one of the most bleak, yet challenging and unconventional, in all of science fiction, has been prepared in a large 7 × 10 format with full-page, full color designs by Jacob McMurray and a new introduction by Kim Stanley Robinson. In addition, there is a lengthy article from John Brunner. This is an important work in science fiction, and it won the Hugo Award for best novel in 1969.
       This book is also signed by John Brunner, who passed away in 1995. However, in the early 1980s, he had worked on a project with the late Charles Brown of Locus. This project never came to be, but Brunner had signed a few hundred sheets for the project. When Brown was told of this book, he sent the sheets to Centipede Press.
       With a printed cloth front panel, Japanese cloth on back panel, ribbon marker, beautiful European endpapers, full color illustrations, 500 + pages, a bonus essay by Brunner, and a stunning and simple design. Each book is signed by John Brunner and Kim Stanley Robinson.

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