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David Goodis

Centipede Press

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Bill Pronzini

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15.a Full leather, cloth traycase, signed by Bill Pronzini – 25 red roman numerals – $225(?)
15.b.i Clothbound, inset pictorial of frontispiece, gold foil stamping of author and title on front board, red endpapers, red headband, signed by Bill Pronzini: 150(?) of 300 limitation – $50

15.b.ii Clothbound, inset pictorial of frontispiece, no lettering on front board, white endpapers, black headband, signed by Bill Pronzini: 150(?) of 300 limitation – $50

CP website synopsis

Nightfall is a tour de force of paranoia and criminal greed, by the writer who turned the crime novel into bitter poetry.
       Jim Vanning has an identity problem. Is he an innocent artist who just happens to have some very dangerous people interested in him? Or is he a killer on the lam from his last murder — with a satchel worth over $300,000 in tow?
       Relentlessly focused and as fast-moving as a getaway car, Nightfall may be David Goodis’s most accomplished novel. It is a fiendishly constructed maze, filled with unpredictable pitfalls and human predators whose authenticity only makes them more terrifying.
       With a new introduction by Bill Pronzini and a long bonus short story, The Blue Sweetheart. Bound in cloth and limited to 300 numbered copies, each one is signed by Bill Pronzini.

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