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Don Brautigam

Don Brautigam

Centipede Press

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Don Brautigam

Dean Koontz

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Don Brautigam
Don Brautigam

34.a Deluxe editon, full leather binding, inset pictorial, blind stamped title and author on spine, signed by Don Brautigam and Dean Koontz: 2(?) of 25(?) limitation - $595

34.b Deluxe edition, Quarter leather binding, fully printed front and back boards, signed by Don Brautigam and Dean Koontz: 23(?) of 25(?) limitation - $300

34.c.i Standard editon from 2018, full cloth binding, quarter black cloth spine, purple cloth boards, inset pictorial in front board, signed by Don Brautigam and Dean koontz: 6 limitation, red roman numeral signature sheet - $395

34.c.ii Standard edition from 2018, full cloth binding, quarter black cloth sline, purple cloth boards, inset pictorial in front board, unsigned: unknown limitation - $395

Don Brautigam portfolio poses several mysteries about how many are in existence. There are reports of 25 and 30 signature sheets with Brautigam's signature before he passed away. The sheets themselves make mention of 327 numbered copies and 22 deluxe copies with an extra suite of prints. Somewhere along production Jerad scrapped the deluxe concept with the extra suite of prints (like for the Gothics). None of those exist. What does exist is 30 or 31 red roman numeral signed sheets. We hypothesize the only copies in existence are those with the red roman numeral signature sheets and an unkwown amount of unsigned overrun copies from 2018. After the introduction a limitation 75 copies is mentioned (see photo in gallery). We have however, never seen an arabic black number in existence. It is possible Jerad orignally only produced 25 "deluxe"copies of this book. Roman numeral I and II are confirmed full leather bindings. Roman numeral V X and XVI are confirmed quarter leather bindings with fully printed front and back boards. This book is twice as thick as the full purple cloth binding which were produced in 2018. We can confirm XXVI is 1 of 6 purple cloth bound copies. Several unsigned copies of this state exist as well. 

This is a quote from march 2010 from the Collecting koontz website where Jerad responded on the issues around this book:

The troubles I had with that limitation page were a bunch. At first, the edition was going to be that many copies with all the extras. Don signed those sheets and then was going to sign the oversize prints when he died. All I had were 30 copies that he signed, and no interest in the unsigned book, so I just had to work with the signature pages that I had and used those.”

In a newsletter from september 2018, Jeard announced he had found 6 signed signature sheets and gauged interest to create a special run of the book. Here is the quote: “Wow! We found six signature pages for our special Don Brautigam art book. They are numbered and signed by Don Brautigam and Dean Koontz. These would be a special run of the book. This is an extremely costly book to make, and the price will likely be well over $1,500, so let me know if you might be interested. “ In the end he didn't go overboard on production levels and sold these for around $395. These became the purple cloth copies.

From all the above we hypothesize that Jerad stuck to his 25 "deluxe" run with 2 states up until XXIV, and used the remaining 6 red roman numeral signed signature sheets for 6 purple cloth bound books. An unknown amount of unsigned copies of this last state exist as well. 

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