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Frankenstein - The Monster edition

Mary Shelley

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Amaranthine Books



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Yana Adamović


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Frankenstein - The Monster edition
Frankenstein - The Monster edition

Description from Amaranthine Books website

For this edition of Frankenstein only the best materials were used in order to truly bring out the Monster from the story, while numerous handmade details only add to complexity of this edition.

The solander box is made out of aluminium with laser engraved details. The book itself is bound by leather belt and metal buckle, while its casing is bound in a material made of 85% genuine leather fibres and it rests on black velvet as to keep it safely and comfortably tucked away.

The book is bound in the finest yellow goatskin leather, hand marbled to make it resemble Monster’s skin. The spine is blocked in black foil.

Marbled endpapers were handmade using numerous colours, some of them metallic, to achieve a visual of muscles, tissue, tendons and bone, as a counterpart to the leather “skin” outside. The book was printed offset on Fedrigoni Savile Row 140g paper, giving it a rich feel full of texture. After printing each illustration had thermochromic ink screen printed over the illustrations to give it two phases that react to warmth. The ink is set to react at 25 degrees celsius, so bear in mind that in extremely cold conditions it will hardly react to human warmth (or if you have cold hands). Likewise, should the temperature in the room run high, the ink will react by itself. However, as soon as conditions change, it will return to its original state so it is completely reversible. In any normal circumstances (living temperature conditions) the book should look as intended and react to human touch or gentle rubbing since friction will generate heat. When the heat dissipates, it will revert back to black. Also worth noting is that since each of these were screen printed by hand, the overlap is not always perfect, nor is it intended like that. Instead, we wanted to achieve this blend of situations, giving you glimpse into an alternative story that portrays the power of human touch. It is important to note that this edition boasts one bonus illustration compared to the numbered edition.

Finally, the book was smyth sewn with black thread, then glued afterwards to provide for maximum durability. As always, to ensure the best reading experience, we used the beautiful and versatile Brioni typeface.

The scalpel bookmark was produced from a special metallic paper with embossing on both sides.

All of these details make this perhaps an ultimate edition of Frankenstein.

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